Beginning idea of Teshuva, Repentance

I began reading tonight the book “Thirty days to Teshuva by Rabbi Zvi Miller.

Here are some ideas based on Day 1.

Day 1 is short, yet profound. Before one begins to do Teshuva, he/she has to realize why they are about to embark in changing actions.

The answer is that by allowing oneself to have a deeper relationship with G-D the person is allowing G-d to give them more blessing, whether in this world and/or the next. It is not G-d that is withholding blessing from the individual, it is the individual that is withholding from him/herself.

When we as a community begin to realize why we should do Teshuva, it becomes easier to accept more on ourselves and not do actions that we know are wrong according to Halacha, Jewish law.

To paraphrase the Talmud, May H-shem help us have the strength to do His will so He will do ours.

Rabbi Avi Dubin