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Hey guys so I have decided to start up my website again.

However, i decided I am going to open it up a little bit for the month of Tishrei.

Facebook message me if you have a Dvar Torah or you have a topic you would like me to write on.

Gmar Chasima Tova.

Rabbi Avi Dubin

Welcome to Dubinstorah – Where the World of Dubin Meets the World of Torah

Thank you so much for visiting my webpage.

I have been teaching Torah for the last twenty years and just started to develop the skills needed to manage a website.

I hope you enjoy.

The first Mishnah in Masechtas Brachos explains the laws of saying Krias Shma at night.

We are introduced to the concept of Yachid V’Rabim halcha K’rabim, when one person says something and many disagree the law follows the many. However, even with that dictum we must realize that sometimes they aren’t disagreeing they are just adding a nuance. I will be sharing many Torahs here BE”H , I am sure you won’t agree with them all but i hope we can agree in principle to each other.

All the best,

Rabbi Avi Dubin